The Afilador Showteam

The Many faces of Amanda Carter

And more, if you can stand it!

This is Mandy

Quite a party girl

She gets on well with her parents

Never known to tell a lie 

She likes an occasional drink... or 10

She sometimes gets carried away

And has even appeared in print.

She is at heart a kindly soul...

And a good friend to have

That's our Mandy

Vegetables? yuuuk!

Mmmmmmmm wine!

Mandy at WKC 2004 taking over the dancefloor

Booogie, Booogie!

Strut that stuff, Mandy

Both feet on the floor please.

In disguise

You sexy devil

Disguised as an idiot

Santa, Baby

Handling for others
(dodgy hair though)

First judging appointment

In conference