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Amanda Jones was born on the 26th of January 1976. She didn't know it at the time, but her future husband was just about to start university. She was born into a family of country folk, with both her mother and father connected with animals in different ways. Mum (Yvonne) was a horse groom, and dad (Colin) was a plant fitter and part-time poacher. Mandy's first experience of dogs was "Shane", her dad's Labrador who didn't feel the same affection for her as she did for him!

From a very young age, Mandy's ambitions were:

  • Marry a vet (or, at a pinch, a farmer)
  • To own and show her own dog.

On the 13th of September 1988, her second ambition was realised, when her friend Henry Horsewell brought her "Soltan Pepper", a brindle whippet dog which became her beloved companion, and first proper show dog. At this time, Mandy's family had several lurchers, so most of the showing was concentrated on these. "Pepper" was only taken to occasional championship and open shows.
Mandy had many wins in JHA (Junior Handling Association) competitions with Pepper and dogs of other breeds, and was very successful in KCJO (Kennel Club Junior Organisation) competitions qualifying for Crufts 3 years running. She was awarded a commendation certificate ("Highly Commended") in 1991, and retired from KCJO with 6 junior handling awards and 8 showing awards.
Sadly, Mandy lost Pepper in 1995 due to recurring kidney problems, but continued to show lurchers, particularly a blue home-bred bitch called "Magda" (who was named after the first Sloughi Mandy's mother ever saw.)
Mandy attended Bicton college of agriculture in Devon where she gained a first diploma in animal care, and went on to pass her pre-veterinary nursing certificate. She then went on to train to be a vet nurse. At this time she was also working in a mixed (i.e. large animal and companion animal) veterinary practice in Kingsbridge. She also gained her Hills nutritional advisor (I & II) certificate, and the Purina Pro-Plan nutritional health certificate.
After a spell working in a veterinary hospital in Wales, Mandy moved back to Devon to be closer to her parents, and started work in a small animal practice in Paignton, where she met Nick, the vet who was to fulfil her other ambition.
Within a short time of meeting him she knew that he had potential, as he was easy to order around and had his own car (for driving to shows) and house (for the many dogs she wanted to own). They married on the 9th of September 2000. Her wedding present from Nick was her first Ibizan hound. Little did he know what he was getting into!
The pack moved to Cornwall in September 2003, and have made the small town of Camelford their base of operations.

The Showteam:

The pack has grown over the years, and is now called "The Afilador Show team". Our affix should have been AfiladorA, which in idiomatic Spanish meens "flirtaceous girl" (describing Jasmine, not as some would have it, Mandy!). Unfortunately this was not allowed, but was allowed without the last "A". It now means "Something that sharpens" (It still is not supposed to describe Mandy, although anyone who has been on the wrong side of her temper might doubt that!)
Sadly, in mid 2005, after an operation to remove an infected uterus (pyometra)Jasmine succumbed to the after-effects of the operation, and our life will never be the same again. She has left a massive gap in our life.
As of 2008, the "Show team" comprises 2 Ibbies, one of which is one of the pups from Jasmine's litter, a Sloughi, 2 guinea pigs and a tortoise. As yet she has no ambitions to show guinea pigs. The Active members of the Showteam (ie not the Guinea pigs [yet]) can be seen at shows in the "Big Yellow Banana Bus" with a picture of Mandy on her broomstick on the front.