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Mandy writes breed notes and show reports for several online dog sites, including:
Mandy also writes breed notes for:

Our Dogs

Weekly magazine. (Sadly it's a subscription site, so the breednotes aren't readable)
One of the best sites for Show entries, and results

Fossedata. Very useful for results, and they have a good selection of downloadable show schedules.

Dog World weekly magazine
Doglost- A UK site which posts details of Dogs that have gone missing. It has a good reputation for reuniting lost pets with their owners
Jans greyhound and lurcher gift shop
Lupine pet leads and harnesses: Guaranteed even if chewed!
Skinners Pet Foods
Butchers Pet Foods
Mansiya Manchester Terriers

Our good friend Leanne Ferguson Shows Staffordshire Bull terriers. She often shares the driving when we have to go to distant shows


Amahte Ibizans owned by Roberta Hozempa, who bred our wonderful Bolt
Mandy sometimes handles for her dear friends Mel and Malcolm of the Kofyn Showteam


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