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Mandy's judging Appointments

Aberaman Canine Soc 5/2/05

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This was my first judging appointment. I would like to thank the committee for looking after me so well, and all the exhibtors who entered their dogs under me.
I enjoyed my day immensely. I found all the dogs to have excellent temperaments.

Afghan Hound open (4 entries, 1 absent)

1st and BOB was Maroney's Altside Trick or Treat At Kiristan click here for larger version
Outstanding male brindle afghan of 5 years old. Typical head, with strong under jaw, correct bite. Beautiful eyes with kind expression. long, feathered ears. Long neck, set on strong shoulders. All dog under that fabulous coat. Held his topline on movement. His movement was free and effortless. I was delighted to see him take the group and BIS. Handled beautifully by a very smart young lady.

2nd and BPIB was Ryall's Metewand Wiscasset. Lovely afghan bitch puppy, in excellent condition. Pleasing head and eye, Correct bite. Good length of ear. Very balanced body, maintained her topline on movement. Moved with good length of stride. A very promising puppy, Handled well.

3rd Lowry's Gardwright Celebrity.

Miniature Wire Haired Dachshund Open (6 entries none absent)

1st, BOB and BPIB was Oram's Janjac Moschino at Rosswell.
Quality wire haired dachshund bitch puppy in beautiful condition. Lovely head, with pleasing expression. Well held, neat ears. Correct mouth. Balanced throughout. Stood on good feet. Lovely harsh coat. I felt the best mover of the day.

2nd Howells Nordach Dare I Wispa.

3rd Billinghurst's Nordach Mr Show Off At Jiljac.

Min Smooth Haired Dachshund Open (2 entries none absent)

1st and BOB was Butler's Celtichills Dawn.
Charming black and tan smooth-haired dachshund bitch just out of puppy. Typical head with well held, neat ears. Lovely dark eye, with gentle expression. Nice, well proportioned body. Stood on nice tight feet. In gleaming condition. A close decesion between 1 and 2 who are litter brother and sister but I felt that today the bitch had the edge over the dog on the move.

2nd Butler's Celtichills Diamond.

Deerhound Open (4 entries 1 absent)

1st and BOB Carr's Kilbourne Seneca Of Marandike.
Lovely Deerhound bitch of 4yrs old. Typical head with nice rose ears. Correct eye shape, with gentle wistful expression. Correct mouth. Strong neck, set on good shoulders. Beautifully balanced body with well made hindquarters. Excellent feet. Correct tail carridge on movement. Excellent harsh coat, in fabulous condition. Moved soundly with a good length of stride. I was pleased to see her awarded Group4.

2nd Lewis' Gwynapnudd Accalon. Lovely male Deerhound of 11mths old Gorgeous head with correct eye and ear. Well-proportioned body, good clean limbs. Had good breed type, in lovely condition. A real fun personality. Moved well for a puppy.

Rhodesian Ridgeback (1 entry none absent)

1st and BOB was Raymond's Sofala Sentinel.
Masculine Ridgeback dog of 2yrs old. Gorgeous head without being overdone. Well-placed ears. Correct eye, with kind expression. Correct bite. Excellent strong neck, set on good shoulders with a strong muscular body. Lovely clean limbs, with excellent feet. Great hard coat, in excellent condition. Moved with real purpose and drive. Was very pleased to see him go Hound Group2.

Whippet Junior (4 entries 0 absent)

1st Jones' Tonmawr La Petite Ballerina.
Pretty Brindle and White bitch, presented in excellent condition. Up to size. Good head, with neat rose ears. Lovely dark eye, with kind expression. Nice strong neck, set on to good shoulders. Well-balanced body, with nice clean limbs, and good feet. Moved well and handled well.

2nd Harding's Marandike Eternal Flame

3rd Smeath's Willingwisp Slick and Sassy. A very promising whippet puppy of 7 mths old, brindle with white trim. Correct size. Correct head, with lovely dark eye with kind expression. Nice rose ears. Nice length of neck. balanced body with clean limbs and excellent feet. Movement was very typical but still very much a baby. Has a promising future I am sure. Was delighted to see her take the puppy group

Whippet Graduate (3 entries none absent)

1st Jones' Tonmawr La Petite Ballerina

2nd Lillywhite's Janelyn Jemtec Jim

3rd Russell's Arjuna Diamond Hunter

Whippet Open (3 enteries none absent)

1st and BOB Smeath's Willingwisp Prim and Proper.
Well-named Fawn whippet bitch of 3 yrs old. She was the dam of my BPIB, and out of the famous CH Oakbark Millenuim Gold who Iam a great fan of. Typical head, with lovely eye with kind expression. Lovely neat, rose ears, and correct bite. Good length of neck, with balanced body. Clean limbs, and lovely neat tight feet. Her movement was so typical and sound. She held her topline well on movement, but for me she also scored well on size. In tip-top condition. was pleased to see her go Hound Group3.
Would have gladly taken her home!

Junior Handling

I was pleased to see that many of the handlers today are members of the YKC and are competing for their handling and show awards They have lovely pin on badges now for these in awards in my day you got sew on patches!

Junior Handling 6-11 years (7 entries 4 absent)

1st: Abby Pritchard, handling a young Black whippet bitch. Very quiet handler, talked to her dog, presented it well on the table without overcrowing the judge. Collected herself and the dog together well before moving in the triangle and straight up and down. When sent around the ring she watched the judge, and maintained good distance between herself and the other dogs. Dressed smartly. A handler with a bright furture, I am sure. In the challenge for Best Handler she performed her “T” well, and moved well with the other handler when shadowing together. Good Luck to her in the furture.

2nd: Libby Jones, handling a sealyham terrier who was quite strong-willed. This was her first attempt at Junior handling, and I was very impressed. She watched the judge when moving, and noticed when I moved places in the ring. She talked to her dog. She does need, I think, to build more of a rapport with her dog, but that will come with experience. She dressed very smartly, and was a very polite young lady. Good luck for the future.

3rd: Bryony Pritchard, handling a chinese crested. Another very smart young lady who handles very well, but on this occasion forgot to look up and put herslf between the dog and the judge. Always remember to look up as you change direction. A very polite and confident handler. Good luck for the future

Junior Handling 12-16 years (4 entries 2 absent)

1st and Best Handler was Naomi Maroney handling a chinese crested. Very Professional, polished handler. Dressed very smartly, talked to her dog all the time. The rapport between dog and handler was excellent. The young handlers pushed hard in the challenge but the style and skills of this handler won the day. Table skills were excellent: again, not overcrowding the judge. Took her time to collect herself and the dog together before moving. Watched the judge well, but without eyeballing the judge which alot of handlers do. In the challege, Iasked her to do an “L”, which she did perfectly and moved well with the other handler when shadowing. Good luck in all furure showing.

2nd: Daisy Jones, handling a sealyham. Pushed 1st hard- another polite, polished handler. Did a beautiful right-handed triangle with no fuss. Table skills are very good and again has excellent rapport with dog. I am sure she will be able to teach little Libby a thing or two. I was most impressed with her handling too. Again Good luck to you for the furture.