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Mr Bolt is a champion

December 2015:At LKA 2015, Mr Bolt was BOB and DogCC, which when confirmed by the Kennel Club made him a champion. Much champagne was drunk in Cornwall and Canada


October 2015:The "Witchy" litter was born on October 22, and have found homes as far afield as Canada, Connecticut USA and Norway. One little pup has stayed on with us though, and "Thea" will be having her show debut late Spring 2016. She's turning out to be quite a character!


Puppies in progress!

October 2015: I am proud to say that My Amahte Bewitched IMP (Tabitha) is in whelp to My & Roberta Hozempa's Amahte Runnin on Jamaican Time IMP JW ShCM (Bolt) for more information please email me or PM me on Facebook.

Kally: Best veteran in show Twice!

At the SW Hound open show, under Mr B Brown-Cole, and at the Hunting dogs of ancient egypt (for the 3rd year running) under Mr K Carter, Kally took best veteran in show.

Bolt: Best In Show again

At the EIHC Champ show 2014, Bolt took the DogCC (his second), BOB and BIS, judged by Eli Marie Klepp.

May 2014: A new face at Afilador!

Lerryn is the newest arrival to the Afilador family. She was bred by Michelle Longman.

Bolt: Best In Show

21st Feb 2014

At Gloucester and District. Many thanks to judges Miss H Geeson and Mrs T Jackson.

Bolt: Best In Show again!

6th April 2013

At Exonian. Many thanks to judges Mrs M Sargent and Miss N Fleming.

I'm a sexy boy

Bolt's Junior Warrant

September 2012

Bolt has had his Junior warrant confirmed.

Bolt's Best in show!

16th September 2012

Bolt takes his first BIS, at the South West Hound Club show under Australian judge Terry Wilcox.

Bolt's Best puppy in show again!

Bolt takes BPIS, at Totnes show, taking BOB, BPIB, Hound Group 1 and gaining his final points to qualify for his ShCM which he has achieved in just 11 shows

Photo © Louise Tope / Dewerstone

Res. Best Puppy In Show for Bolt!

18th May 2012:

Only a week after his 1st Championship show outing with CCs on offer for the breed, where he won his 1st Res.CC and BPIB

Photo © L Robinson